The Buzzy Company Inc.

You can help bring the Buzzy Shopping Cart to your favorite store

Because the Buzzy Shopping Cart is a revolutionary new product, we believe that it may help some retailers to hear directly from disabled customers about how the Buzzy completely changes their shopping experiences.

To help you do that, we've created a letter that you can personally sign and deliver to the manager of your favorite store. This letter explains why the Buzzy Shopping cart is unlike any other product that currently exists, and how it meets the unique needs of permanent wheelchair users.

To download and view this letter, use the link to the right. Next print and sign the letter, and personally deliver it to the manager of your favorite store, asking them to please consider a free demo. Be sure that they notify you of the demo date, offering to try it out and to provide personal feedback of your experience with the Buzzy Shopping Cart.

We believe you and your retailer will soon understand why The Buzzy Shopping Cart offers a shopping experience like no other!