The Buzzy Company Inc.

Shopping Model

Despite significant advancements, no solution has yet to meet the unique shopping needs of permanent wheelchair users. That is, until now. Watch the video to see how The Buzzy gives permanent wheelchair users unprecedented access and freedom—and a shopping experience like no other!

Shopping From a Wheelchair User's Perspective

Many people don't realize the unique struggles that wheelchair shoppers face, or they mistakenly believe that mobility scooters meet wheelchair shoppers' needs. Here's a view of grocery shopping from a wheelchair user's perspective:

  1. We don't go anywhere without our chairs—they're our legs.
  2. Transferring from a chair to a scooter in public is hard and sometimes impossible.
  3. Wheelchairs are expensive and highly customized—what if it's stolen?
  4. If a scooter breaks down, we're stranded: it's scary, embarrassing, and unsafe.
  5. Reaching merchandise at the bottom of a shopping cart can be difficult.
  6. Pushing a full shopping cart from a wheelchair is hard. Try it.
  7. Small baskets don't hold much, and carrying them can be impossible.
  8. Where do we put our merchandise? (see 6 & 7)
  9. Wheeling around a superstore is difficult and exhausting.
  10. Mobility scooters are not an option for wheelchair users. (see 1, 2, 3, & 4)

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